Thursday, July 16, 2009

You Can Sleep in on Saturdays.

I love brunch. I love kir royales, mascarpone cheese, farm fresh eggs and real maple syrup. I love brunch with jazz, on the water, served at stations and with citrus garnish. I love brunch so much, in fact, that I'm having a brunch wedding.

Well aware that the world doesn't need another pretentious foodie blog, though, I have up until now kept my brunching tips and passions to myself. And really, how much could there possibly be to say about an omelet and some home fries? If you care enough to get out of bed each week, you probably already know where to go.

Or maybe not. After moving back to New Haven from an eight-month stay in Washington, D.C., I appreciate just how wide a range of brunch options we have for such a small city, and how few guides there are to turn to on our mornings of pre-caffeinated need. So, if my weekly investment in obscene amounts of french toast "research" saves even one fellow brunch enthusiast from an unfortunate run-in with a microwaved Dunkin' Donuts egg sandwich, this venture into the blogosphere is worth it.

Since my fondest and earliest brunch memories are of the elaborate affairs my grandmother used to throw (like so many things, the interest seems to have skipped a generation), I'll occasionally post on at-home brunching. And, since I don't confine myself to Connecticut, I'll also include info on brunch around the world (ok, so that's a little ambitious). More likely you'll get some recommendations every now and then for Boston, NYC and other spots along the East Coast, but the focus will be on the greater New Haven area since it's a niche that has gone unfilled.

So, check back every week or so for an update, and get to sleep at a reasonable hour on Saturday night to wake up and beat the brunch-hungry crowds.

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